Otonashi Shinobu

Timid Ninja Adept who Walks Through Solid Stone



Stat Current Pool Edge
Might 9 9 0
Speed 14 14 0
Intellect 17 17 3
Effort 3
Advantage 2
Skill T S I

You’re trained in any action taken to escape danger, flee from a dangerous situation, or wheedle your way out of trouble

Expert Cypher Use

Tier Type/Focus Ability Points Action/Enabler
1 Type Far Step 2 Intellect Action
1 Type Magic Training Enabler
1 Type Practiced With Light Weapons Enabler
1 Type Scan 2 Intellect Action
1 Type Ward Enabler
1 Focus Walk Through Walls 2 Intellect Action
2 Type Stasis 3 Intellect Action
2 Focus Defensive Phasing 2 Intellect Action


  • You do not willingly enter dangerous situations. The difficulty of any initiative actions (to determine who goes first in combat) is increased by one step
  • You fall to pieces when you have to undertake a dangerous task alone. The difficulty of any potentially dangerous task you undertake alone (such as attacking a creature by yourself) is increased by one step


  • Pick one other PC. You once accidentally moved your hand right through her. It was clearly an unnerving experience for you both
Equipment Shinobigatana (ninja sword) with loop
12 kunai
2 Daiwa Kage kunai (+1 damage)
1 torinoko (smoke bomb)
100 makibishi (caltrops)
60’ steel wire
bamboo water bottle
Flint stone
Furoshiki (sack)
Waist pack
Ninja clothes
Scholar kimono
Daiwa peasant clothes
Hairpin (expensive)
Omamori (protection charm)
1 generic Schrödinger girly item
Map of Daiwa
Drawing of tiny jorogumo
2 inexpensive item worth of money
Sumie of Daiwa boy band members
Cyphers 1 replacement tag (rank 3)
1 explosive tag (rank 3)
1 equipment tag (rank 1)

Otonashi Shinobu

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