Akiyama Koeko

The Pragmatic Ninja Speaker with Stealth who Interprets the Law

Stat Pool Edge
Might 10/10 0
Speed 14/14 0
Intellect 13/16 2
Effort 2
Skills P T S I
Balancing x
Climbing x
Jumping x
Running x
Stealth x
Swimming x
Intellect Defense x
Resist Temptation x
Light Weapons x
Persuasion x
Deception x
Detecting Falsehood x
Law of the Land x
Pleasant Social Interactions x
Initiative x
Lockpicking x
Sleight of Hand x
Initiative x

P=Practiced; T=Trained; S=Specialized; I=Inability

(One light weapon, appropriate clothing, 2x Expensive, 2 x Moderate, 4 x Inexpensive, Suit, Briefcase)

  • Steel Folding Fan (light weapon) (Keepsake from father)
  • Ninja clothes
  • Explorer’s Kit (Expensive) (Rope, pitons, grappling hook, bamboo water bottle, flint and stone, bag, furoshiki sack)
  • Writer’s Kit (Expensive) (Paper, pen, ink, hanko, wax, cheap scroll cases)
  • 12-Pack Case of Kunai (Moderate)
  • Weighted Scarf (Moderate)
  • Hair ornament (Inexpensive) (Keepsake trinket from little brother)
  • Protection charm (Inexpensive) (Keepsake trinket from mother)
  • Expensive kimono
  • Expensive scroll case
  • Daiwa Peasant Clothes
  • Salt
  • Forged Identification Seal from Land of Seed and Blossom
  • Forged travel papers
  • Forged letter from High Priest of Land of Seed and Blossom
  • (Inexpensive) x 3
  • (Moderate) x 2

Cyphers (2):

  • Clone Tag (Rank 3)
  • Explosive Tag (Rank 3)

Clan: Living Chronicle


  • Yoji built a puppet as a gift to Shinobu that attacked and seriously hurt her. Koeko spoke on Yoji’s behalf and got him off with no charges or penalties. He feels grateful.
  • 2nd Cousin to Akiyama Mihoshi.
  • Spent hours of conversation with Lord Shoryuji. Can refer to this for related information. Managed to convince him to work actively against the Empress.

Comes from a loving ninja family who just think that their little girl is going through a phase. Koeko’s father adores and dotes on her, her mother acts more like her best friend (to Koeko’s chagrin), and her little brother looks up to her in admiration.


XP: 15+1 (Spent: 16 – Effort, Intellect Edge,Feature [Legerdemain],+2 speed and intellect)
Owe Mike 1 short solo session
Advantage: 2

Akiyama Koeko

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