Akiyama Koeko

The Pragmatic Ninja Speaker with Stealth who Interprets the Law

Stat Pool Edge
Might 10 0
Speed 12 0
Intellect 14 2
Effort 2
Skills P T S I
Balancing x
Climbing x
Jumping x
Running x
Stealth x
Swimming x
Intellect Defense x
Resist Temptation x
Light Weapons x
Persuasion x
Deception x
Detecting Falsehood x
Law of the Land x
Pleasant Social Interactions x
Initiative x

P=Practiced; T=Trained; S=Specialized; I=Inability

(One light weapon, appropriate clothing, 2x Expensive, 2 x Moderate, 4 x Inexpensive, Suit, Briefcase)

Steel Folding Fan (light weapon) (Keepsake from father)
Ninja clothes
Explorer’s Kit (Expensive) (Rope, pitons, grappling hook, bamboo water bottle, flint and stone, bag, furoshiki sack)
Writer’s Kit (Expensive) (Paper, pen, ink, hanko, wax, cheap scroll cases)
12-Pack Case of Kunai (Moderate)
Weighted Scarf (Moderate)
Hair ornament (Inexpensive) (Keepsake trinket from little brother)
Protection charm (Inexpensive) (Keepsake trinket from mother)
(Inexpensive) x 3
Expensive kimono
Expensive scroll case
Daiwa Peasant Clothes
Forged Identification Seal from Land of Seed and Blossom
Forged travel papers
Forged letter from High Priest of Land of Seed and Blossom

Cyphers (2):
Clone Tag
Explosive Tag


Yoji built a puppet as a gift to Shinobu that attacked and seriously hurt her. Koeko spoke on Yoji’s behalf and got him off with no charges or penalties. He feels grateful.

Spent hours of conversation with Lord Shoryuji. Can refer to this for related information. Managed to convince him to work actively against the Empress.

Clan: Living Chronicle

Comes from a loving ninja family who just think that their little girl is going through a phase. Koeko comes from a loving family. Her father adores and dotes on her, her mother acts more like her best friend (to Koeko’s chagrin), and her little brother looks up to her in admiration.


XP: 11 (Spent: 8 – Effort, Intellect Edge)
Advantage: 2

Akiyama Koeko

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