Yoji Yoshihiko

A Clever Warrior Who Builds Puppets

Stat Pool Edge
Might 12 1
Speed 12 1
Intellect 12 1
Effort 2
Skills P T S I
All Weapons x
Speed Defense Without Armor x
Balancing x
Climbing x
Jumping x
Running x
Stealth x
Swimming x
Puppet Builder x
Interactions Involving Lies Or Trickery x
Defense To Resist Mental Effects x
Persuasion x
Tasks Involving Identifying Danger, Lies, Quality, Importance Funnction Or Power x

P=Practiced; T=Trained; S=Specialized; I=Inability

Special Abilities
Control the Field (1 Might Point)
Overwatch (1 Intelect Point)
Quick Draw (2 Speed Points)
Trained Without Armor
Extra Edge
Puppet Companion : Yo-Yo
Woodworking Tools
Explorers Pack
12 Pack Of Shiruken
Nice Set Of Clothing
Go Stones
Puppet Parts for 12 small puppets
Puppet Tool Kit
Mini Crossbow

Yoji Yoshihiko

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