Ika Tsuko

Skeptical Genin Adept who Works Miracles


Rank 4 Ninja

HP: 16
Damage: 4
Armor: 1

Rank 5 in seeing through deceptions or illusions
Soothing Touch: Twice a day per target, Tsuko may heal 1d6 damage to any pool. This jutsu takes 1 minute.
Barkskin: When Tsuko is struck, her skin hardens like tree bark, giving her 1 armor (already figured)
Quick Needle Technique: Tsuko can pluck her own strands of hair and harden them to ki charged needles that can be used as a 4 damage ranged or melee attack
Tree Hopping: Tsuko can move a short distance and still take an action.

Intrusion: When rolling a 1 when hit by Tsuko’s Quick Needle Technique, she can cause Paralysis


Ika Tsuko

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