Chuushin Taro

Intelligent Genin Adept who Siphons Power


Rank 4 Ninja
HP: 12
Damage: 2*
Armor: 1

Rank 5 in memorizing or remembering
Light Fighter – Attack accuracy at Rank 5
Penetrating Senses – Has the Scan ability
Drain Ki: Taro’s unarmed blows do 2 points of Int damage as well as Might Damage
Absorb Ki: Taro heals 2 points of damage when he is below 9 HP when he hits with an unarmed strike
Lightning Onslaught: can make a ranged attack that does 4 points of damage

Intrustion: Tainted Ki – When rolling a 1 when hit by Taro, he has tainted your Ki. This means that techniques that require a stat point cost to activate cost 1 more stat point for 10 minutes or the rest of the scene.


Chuushin Taro

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