Suzuki Hidetoshi

Clever Genin Explorer who Entertains


Rank 4 Ninja

HP: 13
Damage: 4
Armor: 0

Ventriliquism: Hidetoshi can make his voice appear to be coming from anywhere within Short range
Hypnotic Voice: Hidetoshi is Rank 5 for all social tasks except intimidation
Lightfoot: Hidetoshi may move a short distance and still act
Conjuring Hands: Hidetoshi is Rank 5 with pickpocketing and sleight of hand
Trick Shots: Hidetoshi can do 4 points of damage when using a kunai

Intrusion: When you roll a 1 when defending against Hidetoshi, he has found a way to stay in your blindspot. He uses this as an asset for the rest of the combat, for either offense or defense (but only both if he gets this asset twice)


Suzuki Hidetoshi

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