Otonashi Shinobu

Timid Ninja Adept who Walks Through Solid Stone



Stat Current Pool Edge
Might 9 9 0
Speed 14 14 0
Intellect 15 17 2
Effort 2
Advantage 3
Skill T S I

You’re trained in any action taken to escape danger, flee from a dangerous situation, or wheedle your way out of trouble

Expert Cypher Use

Tier Type/Focus Ability Points Action/Enabler
1 Type Far Step 2 Intellect Action
1 Type Magic Training Enabler
1 Type Practiced With Light Weapons Enabler
1 Type Scan 2 Intellect Action
1 Type Ward Enabler
1 Focus Walk Through Walls 2 Intellect Action
2 Type Stasis 3 Intellect Action
2 Focus Defensive Phasing 2 Intellect Action

You do not willingly enter dangerous situations. The difficulty of any initiative actions (to determine who goes first in combat) is increased by one step
You fall to pieces when you have to undertake a dangerous task alone. The difficulty of any potentially dangerous task you undertake alone (such as attacking a creature by yourself) is increased by one step

Pick one other PC. You once accidentally moved your hand right through her. It was clearly an unnerving experience for you both

Equipment Shinobigatana (ninja sword) with loop
12 kunai
1 torinoko (smoke bomb)
100 makibishi (caltrops)
60’ steel wire
bamboo water bottle
Flint stone
Furoshiki (sack)
Waist pack
Ninja clothes
Scholar kimono
Daiwa peasant clothes
Hairpin (expensive)
Omamori (protection charm)
2 generic Schrödinger girly item
Map of Daiwa
Drawing of tiny jorogumo
2 inexpensive item worth of money

1 replacement tag (rank 3)

Cyphers 1 equipment tag (rank 1)
1 explosive tag (rank 3)

Otonashi Shinobu

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