Sanada Nana

Magical Precocious Explorer who talks with Animals


Explorer / Commands Beasts / Magic Flavor

Stat Pool Edge
Might 14 1
Speed 11 1
Intellect 15 1
Effort 2
Skills P T S
All Weapons
Speed Defense
Detecting Falsehood

P=Practiced; T=Trained; S=Specialized

Can carry 2 Chakra
Control Beasts
Surging Confedence
Extra Edge
Practiced With All Weapons
Animal Companion: Dog
Animal Companions: Momonga
Mental Link
Skilled with Speed Defense
Enable Others
Range Increase
Eye for Detail
Soothe the Savage (beast)
Communication (with Animals)

Exp: 18
Current adv: 2

Large Weapon: Tetsubo
Tailor Kit
Noble class outfit
12 Pack of Shuriken
Plague Outfit aka Bundled up gear.
Cricket Cage
Literally a pile of good luck charms.
-(inexpensive item)
-(inexpensive item)
-(inexpensive item) Pocket Money
-(Moderate item) Pocket Money
-Peasants Garb
-Pouch of Blessed Salt

- Rank 4 Image
- Wall


Nana doesn’t know her real name. As a baby, there was a terrible fire that wiped out several prominent Jounin, and Nana was found several days later in a shed. It was doubly unusual since there was a dozen squirrels huddling against her for warmth.

Noticing this affinity for animals, she was quickly adopted by the Sanada family and welcomed into the Pack of The Black Moon. This is all of her background that her adopted clan has told her.

Sanada Nana

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