Saito Oniji

Driven Genin Explorer Who Bears Ki Inked Skin


Rank 5 Ninja

HP: 20
Damage: 5
Armor: 0

Driven: Each day, Oniji can choose at skill to use at Rank 6
Artful Defense: Oniji defends at Rank 6
Withdraw Weapon: Oniji can tun one of the weapon tattoos on his body into an actual weapon
Fleet of Foot: Oniji can move a short distance and take an action in the same turn
Best in Class: Oniji attacks at Rank 6

Intrustion: If you roll a 1 when attacking Oniji, he captures the attack as a tattoo and takes no damage. He may then use this tattoo as a weapon in the future. If you were attacking with a weapon, that weapon is gone, trapped as a tattoo until Oniji releases it. If you roll a 1 when defending against Oniji, he releases a trapped elemental jutsu against you, for a variety of effects.


Saito Oniji

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