Tani Ruko

Jovial Genin Adept Who Explores Dark Places


Rank 5 Ninja

HP: 15
Damage: 5
Armor: 1

Jovial: Ruko is rank 6 when she is engaged in pleasant social tasks
Enhanced Traning: Ruko is rank 6 in searching, listening, climbing, balancing, and jumping
Shadow Distortion: Modifying how a target, or herself, reflects light, Ruko can give an asset on Speed defense.
Shadow Cloak: Ruko can harden her shadow and use it to protect herself, granting 1 armor
Shadow Onslaught: Ruko can harden her shadow and strike out with it, causing 5 damage
Shadow Tricks: Ruko can use her control over shadow to change things color, harden it to mend small objects, and even use it to manipulate light objects

Intrusion: When rolling a 1 when defending against Ruko, she has hardened shadow over your eyes, causing blindness.

If forced to fight unarmed or with Kunai, Ruko is at a disadvantage, and only fights at Rank 4


Tani Ruko

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