Orihara Mika

Confident Genin Explorer who Calls the Great Serpents


Rank 4 Ninja

HP: 14
Damage: 4/2
Armor: 0

Confidant: Mika resists intimidation and attempts to change her mind at Rank 5
Hypnotic Eyes: If Mika can see an incoming attack, she defends at Rank 5
Acid Spit: Mika can spit acid as a 4 damage ranged attack
Serpent Scarf: Mika can animate her scarf to make a second 2 damage melee attack. It can also manipulate small objects.
Escape Technique: Mika can dislocate her joints and make her flesh rubbery to escape grapples and bindings at Rank 5. This also allows her to swim like a snake at rank 5

Intrustion: Poison – When rolling a 1 when hit by Mika, she has successfully poisoned you (DM can pick a damage result)


Orihara Mika

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