Kondo Kei

Hostile Genin Adept Who Would Rather Be Reading


Rank 4 Genin

HP: 14
Damage: 4
Armor: 1

Rank 5 in Intimidation and Book Smarts
Preserve the Words: As an action Kei can transfer the contents of a book or scroll to her body as a tattoo
Setting the Words Loose: As an action Kei can transfer one of her tattoos to a book or scroll
Iron Paper: Kei can make her scrolls rigid and defend with them, granting 1 point of armor
Elemental Scrolls: Kei can use her scrolls to make a fire, ice, lightning, earth attack at 4 points of damage. She can also release Rank 4 gust of air.
Knowledge is Power: Kei is rank 5 in knowledge of Ki and Ninja, and in Deciphering scripts

Intrustion: When rolling a 1 when defending against Kei, one of her elemental techniques will allow her to use a major effect.


Kondo Kei

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