Kaijo Ryuu

Vengeful Genin Warrior who Metes Out Justice


Rank 4 Genin

HP: 15
Damage: 5/3 ranged
Armor: 0

Intimidation and Tracking at Rank 5
Blade Dance: If Ryuu can sense an incoming attack, he defends at Rank 5
Sharpen Blade: Ryuu makes any weapon he wields sharper, increasing its damage by 1
Soften Metal: When working with metal, he can make it more malleable, allowing him to Smith at Rank 5
Mete Justice: When attacking an opponent that Ryuu has determined is Guilty, Ryuu attacks as if he were Rank 5

Intrustion: Blademaster – When rolling a 1 when hit by Ryuu, he has struck with a follow up attack, doing an additional 5 damage


Kaijo Ryuu

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