Asaito Haruki

Arrogant Genin Speaker Who Focuses Mind Over Matter


Rank 4 Genin

HP: 14
Damage: 2
Armor: 0

Willful: Haruki defends against mental attacks at Rank 5
Light Fighter: Haruki’s attack accuracy is at Rank 5
Invisible Threads: Haruki can use his control over threads to deflect attacks, allowing him to Defend at Rank 5
Web of Words: Haruki can enthrall at target at Rank 4
Spin Identity: Haruki can convince people that he is someone other than himself at Rank 5
Terrifying Presence: Haruki can convince a target of Rank 3 or lower that he is their worst nightmare, paralyzing them with fear

Intrustion: If rolling a 1 when defending against Haruki, he has trapped you in his threads, stunning you.


Asaito Haruki

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