Gankona Shiri

Resilient Explorer with Chi Who Never Says Die

Stat Pool Edge
Might 18 2
Speed 13 1
Intellect 11 0
Effort 3

Damage: 2/4
Armor: 0

Skills P T S I
Balancing x
Climbing x
Jumping x
Running x
Stealth x
Swimming x
Intellect Defense x
Might Defense x
Speed Defense Without Armor x
Ninja World Who’s Who x
Light Weapons x
Medium Weapons x
Raw Strength x
Knowledge Skills x

P=Practiced; T=Trained; S=Specialized; I=Inability

5 Recovery Rolls per day:
1 Action (1 might to take extra action after Recovery)
1 Action
1 Action
1 Hour
10 Hours

Extra Edge (already calculated)
Trained Without Armor (Speed Defense without armor, already calculated)
Fleet of Foot (rank 2 speed test to move short distance and take action)
Surging Confidence (1 might to take action after recovery roll)
Resilient (Extra recovery roll, 5 total)
Rapid Recovery (Second Recovery Roll Takes 1 Action)
Push on Through (2 might to ignore terrain effects)
Ignore the Pain (Ignore the impaired condition, debilitated condition is treated like impaired)
Endurance (duration of physical activities are twice/half as long)
Enable Others (can assist in physical actions of others, requires no action)
Escape (2 Speed to get loose from any restraint or hold)
Concussive Blast (Magic flavor, 2 Int points, Short range, 5 damage, push back Immediate distance)

Ninja Sword, beaten and worn, but good quality
Ninja Clothes, many patches and stitches showing
Explorer’s Kit (expensive) (rope, pitons, grappling hook, bamboo water bottle, flint and stone, bag, furushiki sack)
Gimmicky Hat (expensive) (by elaborately fishing around in his hat once per day, he can find a small bottle of cheap liquor. No one else can do so.)
Kunai/Shuriken, 12
Rations, 2 days
Smoke Bombs, 2
(One medium weapon, appropriate clothing, 2x Expensive, 2x Moderate, 4x Inexpensive)


Shiri looks to be well past 80 years of age. However, this apparent age is somewhat belied by his status as a relatively “newly trained” Ninja… if he were truly so old, wouldn’t he be much further along in his life path?

If asked, Shiri says that he has been alive a total of 117 years, although “this time, I am only about 10.” He often follows this up with the statement “I hope I can make it into my twenties this time… the twenties are always my favorite years.”

To explain this, Shiri maintains and extols frequently on a (highly delusional?) belief that he is actually “Immortal, with a catch.” Shiri firmly believes that death is but an inconvenience to him. He claims that, when he dies, he will rise again within a few months time… resurrected, but diminished. Each resurrection (he claims to have had 3) “resets” his level of skill and training, and he must relearn much of his Jutsu and special Knowledge. However, it does not reset his memory of events in his lifetime, although he admits that his memories of the past do tend to get fuzzier as time goes by.

Other members of the Bamboo Herbalist clan will neither confirm nor deny Shiri’s story, although it is unclear whether this is to preserve their Clan Mysteries, or because of embarrassment at Shiri’s madness. Shiri does seem to run into various older and powerful Ninja who at least acknowledge having known him from their own youth.

Older Ninja from other Clans usually speak of Shiri in a disapproving manner, often claiming that he is a “failed Ninja” who has simply never managed to improve his skills past a certain point. They may grudgingly admit to knowing him, but can offer no explanation for why he has not increased his skills, other than as a failure on his part. Very few people actually “LIKE” Shiri… he isn’t exactly the most pleasant fellow.

Shiri claims to have been part of the group which assaulted the Imperial Palace, and that he stood shoulder to shoulder with Danketsu for part of the fight. “He was a great warrior, but simply could NOT hold his liquor.” Most people see this as an attempt to steal honor for a battle in which he did not take part, but it may be interesting to note that he never claims to have been at the final climactic battle with the Emperor. Shiri says that his last death was during this assault, and that he was “taken down by a Jutsu strike from behind, one of those craven Golden Lions. I watched him walk away as I lay dying, and I remember he wore a lot of red tassels on his shoulders. I tell you , if I ever see that bastard again…”

The general feeling among those who particularly dislike Shiri is that… on any of those missions where he claims to have died gloriously… then the only reason he is still alive is because he cravenly fled from the battle. Those who are more tolerant of his antics may say that he was struck down in battle and left for dead, but his later reappearance is because he survived and recovered from his wounds, as many Herbalists often do.

Gankona Shiri

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